BX Swiss IMMO Index

BX Swiss launches its first three indices

BX Swiss Top 30, BX Swiss All Share and BX Swiss IMMO Index mark the beginning of the index family on BX Swiss.

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About the BX Swiss All Share Index and BX Swiss IMMO Index:

BX Swiss All Share Index contains all companies listed in Switzerland with the same criteria as the BX Swiss Top 30 Index, while the BX Swiss IMMO Index aims to track the performance of all companies classified as " Real Estate Development" or " Real Estate Investment Trusts" in the Swiss stock market and is based on the BX Swiss Series. The companies must be included in the BX Swiss All Share Index.

About BX Swiss Top 30 Index:

BX Swiss Top 30 Index contains the 30 largest stocks in Switzerland and aims to track their performance. The companies must be listed in Switzerland and have a daily average trading value of at least CHF 7,500 and an initial free float of minimum 20%. The index is calculated as a price index in CHF and is reconstituted quarterly.