Legal notices and information on possible conflicts of interest

The video and text contributions made available for retrieval by BX Swiss AG (BX) are for information purposes only and are based on the best possible research and on publicly accessible sources of information. However, we make no claim to the completeness and up-to-dateness of this information.
Even if individual issuers or financial instruments are named, the statements, comments and other contents contained in this article are not to be understood as investment advice and neither directly nor indirectly constitute a recommendation or solicitation to buy, hold or sell a financial instrument or any advice in this regard.
The BX is a regulated exchange and does not hold any positions of its own in financial instruments traded on its platforms. Conflicts of interest with regard to the video and text contributions provided are therefore excluded.
The remuneration of the persons involved in the production and publication of the video and text contributions is not tied to any transactions on the BX nor to any fees which the BX may receive.

Investors should bear in mind that investments in financial instruments can be associated with high risks.Total loss of invested capital cannot be ruled out. If a financial product has performed well in the past, no conclusions can be drawn as to future returns.
Statements made by external interview partners in videos or text contributions by third parties always reflect their personal opinion and not the position of BX.
With regard to further information and any disclosure of potential conflicts of interest of the external interview partner or third parties that may be required, reference is made to the latter's website. In the case of the use of the contents contained in the videos for own investment decisions, any liability for damages of any kind, in particular for financial losses, is excluded.

A further use of the video - and text contributions is permitted only with agreement of BX under express reference to this Disclaimer.