Disclosure 18805

Publication date:


Issuer Admicasa Holding AG
Reason for disclosing Change in group composition
Basis of calculation 2'130'870
Purchase positions 1'472'000 (69.080%)
Sale positions 0 (0.000%)
Date of origination of the reporting obligation 19.03.2018

Group of shareholders: Aktionärsgruppe

Beneficial owners
Frischknecht Beat, 8570 Weinfelden
Aerne Serge, 8192 Glattfelden (indirekt via SJA Holding AG gehalten)
Beglinger Dominik, 8051 Zürich
Hafen Philipp, 9554 Tägerschen
Types of understanding
Indirect participant Representation of the group
Aerne Serge durch SJA Holding AG, 8192 Glattfelden Aerne Serge, 8192 Glattfelden

Purchase positions


Number Voting rights
1'472'000 1'472'000

No voting rights at own discretion

No derivative holdings