Disclosure 16483

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Issuer Novavest Real Estate AG
Reason for disclosing Capital increase
Basis of calculation 2'856'040
Purchase positions 183'929 (6.440%)
Sale positions 0 (0.000%)
Date of origination of the reporting obligation 01.10.2015

Group of shareholders: Groupe J. Safra

Beneficial owners
Joseph Y. Safra, Crans Montana, Switzerland
Comtel Holding Limited, Nassau, The Bahamas("Comtel")
SIB Management Holding (Bahamas) Ltd, Nassau,The Bahamas ("SIB")
J. Safra Holdings Luxembourg Sàrl, L-1724 Luxembourg ("JSH Luxembourg")
J. Safra Holdings International (Luxembourg) S.A., Luxembourg ("JSH International")
J. Safra Sarasin Holding AG, Basel, Switzerland ("JSSH")
Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG,Basel ("Bank Safra Sarasin")
Types of understanding
Group of buyers
Indirect participant Representation of the group
Bank Safra Sarasin, holds directy 35905 registered shares representing 1.26% of the VR of NREN and subscribed for 148024 shares (to be issued) representing 5.18% of the VR of NREN, Bank Safra Sarasin is a wholly-owned subsidiary JSSH, JSSH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JSH International, JSH International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JSH Luxembourg, JSH Luxembourg is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SIB, SIB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Comtel, Comtel is entirely ans directly owned by Mr Joseph Y. Safra Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG, Elisabethenstrasse 62, 4051 Basel

Purchase positions


Number Voting rights
35'905 35'905

No voting rights at own discretion

Derivative holdings

Type Number Voting rights ISIN or basic terms
Auszugebende NA 148'024 148'024 NREN