Disclosure 21285

Publication date:


Issuer Matador Secondary Private Equity AG
Reason for disclosing Termination of group, Aufloesung der Gruppe, neu jetzt Einzelmeldung
Basis of calculation 17'540'250
Purchase positions 1'550'000 (8.837%)
Sale positions 0 (0.000%)
Date of origination of the reporting obligation 10.12.2021

Individual shareholder

Beneficial owner Heinrich Gropper, D-86609 Donauwoerth, Bürgermeister-Weidner-Straße 12
Direct shareholder

Purchase positions


Number Voting rights
1'550'000 1'550'000

Namenaktien (Stimmrechtsaktien)

Number Voting rights
0 0

No voting rights at own discretion

No derivative holdings